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a man sitting on a dining table

Kevin Born

Wine Director

Kevin Born caught the hospitality bug at an early age while helping with events at his stepfather’s restaurant and catering company. During his sophomore year of high school, Kevin began working as a food runner at a local restaurant in the evenings, and later moved to Greenville, SC to attend school at Furman University, where he worked as a server and bartender while in school. While in college, Kevin’s mother moved to San Francisco, CA. Kevin visited her often and was exposed to California’s wine country for the first time, where he developed a passion for wine at a young age. 

After college, Kevin further pursued his passion for hospitality while working in some of Greenville’s finest restaurants, as a server and eventually wine director. In November 2015, Kevin moved to San Francisco to further pursue his career in the hospitality industry, taking on the role of Wine Director at Volta, before joining the Rich Table team in September 2017. Kevin is a Certified Specialist of Wine, in the Society of Wine Educators, and a Certified Sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers. Kevin doesn’t like to play favorites with wine varietals, and equates it to choosing a favorite band: some days it’s Etta James, other times it’s the Rolling Stones. Aside from drinking wine, Kevin enjoys hiking, playing tennis or golf, and hanging out with his fluffy pal, Rusty.