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Jonny Gilbert

GM / Partner

After studying graphic design and fine arts at the University of Massachusetts, Jonny Gilbert dreamed of working in advertising just as his father did. Jonny moved to NYC with visions of following in his father's footsteps.  Once in NYC, money was tight and while hunting for a weekend job to make ends meet, Jonny stumbled into TriBeCa restaurant under repair a few months after 9/11.  He poked his head in and asked if they were reopening and or hiring. Somehow Jonny pursuaded the powers that be to give him a shot.  The minute Jonny walked into the restaurant on his first night, he instantly fell in love with the restaurant world.  Jonny's first role in the hospitality industry was as a food runner and expeditor in the New York Times four star-rated restaurant, Bouley. It was there that Jonathan developed a deep passion for working in restaurants, recalling the co-mingling of smells, and the sounds of pots and pans as being like a symphony that made total sense to him. He had found his calling. 

Jonny’s commitment and dedication to his work as well as his eye for finesse and detail was not lost on the front of the house managers and chef David Bouley. Jonny quickly rose in position to Maitre d’. After four years at Bouley, which was also where he met Evan and Sarah, Jonny accepted a position with the new Thomas Keller restaurant, Per Se. There he worked as floor captain for over five years continuing to hone and perfect his skills. After leaving Per Se, Jonny was General Manager at Chef Shea Galante’s restaurant, Ciano.  After two years with Ciano, Jonny then made the decision to leave New York City and move back to his roots in New Hampshire, working at The Bedford Village Inn for two years. 

During their Bouley days, Evan, Sarah and Jonathan had always day dreamed about opening a restaurant together someday. That dream became a reality when Evan and Sarah opened Rich Table, and it didn’t take much convincing to get Jonathan to join them at their restaurant in San Francisco, where he now works as the General Manager / Partner.